Blog blog blog. Soit c’est une le début d’une symphonie ou un test d’application, à vous de juger… Hors donc, comme un bazillon d’autres personnes, j’ai à présent un blog. Le but de se truc n’est pas de faire avancer la civilisation ou la culture, mais d’avoir un endroit ou exposer mes idées idiotes, que je pense avoir fort nombreuses. Dans quelle mesure cette initiative pourra être maintenue est une question ouverte, j’espère qu’elle ne souffrira pas d’être une initiative de janvier.

Last January, this blog turned 12, which in blog years is probably an infinity and half. During this whole time, it ran on the same blogging platform: WordPress, which went over four major revisions. Hosting also changed multiple times, first it ran on the servers of the french ISP free, then on host of a friend, then on a shared machine we rented together with some other friends and now finally it runs on a dedicated host I rent.

I find this migration somehow representative of the Zeitgeist of the web: a blog even as modest as this one is not anymore something that can be run out of a random Unix machine, or as a freebie by an ISP – it seems you can still run WordPress on a personal free account, but there are many restrictions and limitations.

The migration to some dedicated hosting unlocked many features, in particular smoother updates, but also in keeping with the zeitgeist theme, SSL certificates. I honestly don’t think this blog hosts anything subversive, but these days the risk of someone injecting malicious content or getting the identifiers used for commenting is real, so encryption is de rigueur.

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