Primary Keys (8) – Not the variants you are looking for

GTIN Code 7640151240103

The key assumption of any database key is that it uniquely identifies an item. As observed in previous entries, GTIN fulfils that role, most of the time. We recently bought some hair accessories at Migros and the ticket showed three times the same item even though we bought three different things. Upon checking, I realised that all three products share the same GTIN: 7640151240103.
Migros shopping ticket
As all three items share the same code, they also share the same price and the same receipt label. What is interesting is that this is not a case of product variants, these are different products which share the same code.

Migros has a pretty neat mobile app which lets you visualise your shopping tickets. What is interesting is that the product name does not match, the packaging says Fashion Girl, and the receipt Hair fashion standard. There are no identifiers on the packaging nor any information (country or origin, recycling codes), which is pretty unusual for Migros products. One of the product has some bad english indications

It can be used for arranging different hairstyle from the well populan pony tail to the latest fad.

All the information is on a stick-on label with the Migros brand, the barcodes, an indication that these are not toys. Each product has a different SKU: HF 231301, HF 231323 and HF 231410.

This code has the Swiss prefix (76) and is assigned to the company Herba-Imodac AG. But I highly doubt this product is produced in Switzerland, most probably these were built somewhere in Asia, and the labels added by the importer, who did not bother giving them different GTIN even though they have different SKUs.

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