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I was only slightly curious about who reads my blog, so for some time a had been using the counterize plugin for wordpress. The problem was, it was reporting more and more robot traffics, and as some robots are pretty stupid, they generate a lot of traffic. In the end up, I ditched this plugin and instead installed one that links into google analytics called google analyticor.

I was somehow reluctant to use such a powerfull package to measure the stats of a simple blog, but this tool is much more convenient: it does not fill up the database, and gives out very usefully and nice reports, filtes out robots and recognizes robots. Installation was also very simple, the plugin only needed my authentification code. So I have again meaningfull statistics about the readers. Once I have a resonable amount of data I will publish the data

4 thoughts on “Google Analytics”

  1. As-tu eu de la peine à obtenir ton compte? Ils disent qu’il faut attendre, car ils limitent les inscriptions.

  2. C’est bon, j’en ai une. Merci. Effectivement, on peut facilement ajouter un profil à Goggle Analytics, donc ça va.

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