My workplace at JAIST

The carpet in our lab had to be changed, so we had to pack everything, move out and move in again. Finally, yesterday, I managed to set up again my work space, so I took a photogram while things were still nice and clean.

I basically work with three display, my main work station is my Mac OS X laptop, which is hooked to a large Apple LCD display. The display also acts as Firewire and USB hub, where many peripheral are connected, an iSight camera, a wireless mouse, two external hard drives and a label printer. I use the laptop screen as a secondary display that contains notes, or for instance my day’s calendar. The screen on the right the one of Sun station provided by JAIST. It runs Solaris 2.9 and Gnome 2.0. I don’t use its desktop features, which are quite weak. I mostly use this and other work station to run distributed programs, and do debugging. Once things are ironed out, I usually do experiments on our cluster where there are less interferences.

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