Looking back on accounts

Painting of the Ruins of the Roman Forum

Eleven years ago, I wrote a small blog entry entitled Accounts, accounts, accounts were I described a system to reuse identity information when registering for yet another web-site. What I find fascinating is that a part of this problem has been solved by standards like , another part by the browser’s autofill capacities, and the third by simply not giving so much information to web sites – or linked the web-site to Facebook and get the information from there.

The forum explosion of the naughties is well over, most of them died out, replaced by groups in social platforms, the leftover ruins haunted by spam-bots.

An Architectural Capriccio of the Roman Forum with Philosophers and Soldiers among Ancient Ruins…Giovanni Paolo Panini, c. 1745-1750, oil on canvas – National Museum of Western Art, Tōkyō – Public Domain.

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