Leopard mockups

Apple should soon show of what the next version of Mac OS X, named Leopard, will show in improvements. As usual, there are plenty of rumors and fake screen-captures circulating on the internet. One web site, took the idea further, and organized a contest of fake Leopard screenshots. The winners have now been selected and I must say I like the ideas of the winner a lot.

The main area of improvement is Mac OS X’s file browser, the Finder. This application has been criticized a lot, it is slow, not very consistent and in general the weak point of OS X. I can’t say I love the finder, but the truth is, I increasingly do my file-system navigation from the command-line, switching back and forth with drag-and-drop and the open command. The proposed improvements include tabs, the possibility to use large icons / preview in the last column of the column mode (the mode inherited from Next I use most) and the possibility to filter by file-type (in a way that is similar to what search does in Mail.app). I’m not so convinced by the capacity to preview many file-types within the file-system browser, Konkeror offers this option, but I’m not convinced.

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