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Honeycrisp Apple

The first technology I remember coming into my life was the photocopy. One day my father brought back a piece of paper, with the copy of a magazine cover, it looked like a fruit and a factory. My father wanted to show off this new technology, and I was mostly intrigued by the idea of making a factory that was also a fruit. Maybe it was a tomato, which is a fruit, but I did not know that at the time, it certainly did not look very appetising. My father was very enthusiastic, which made sense, these machines certainly did change office life.

Photocopy is one these things that were present for most of my life, one of these analog technologies that worked fine but are now slowly being replaced by their digital equivalent: most photocopy machines are probably a scanner + printer combination. Photocopy started the whole discussion about private copy, courses, RPG supplements, notes, everything could now be copied.

It was also a technology that was not well understood, people always tried to copy photos and the results were awful, I remember buying a white pattern sheet which would improve the quality of such copies, this was considered a strange hackery.

honeycrisp appleEvan-Amos – Public Domain.

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