Mac OS X – El Capitan

Mac OS X El Capitan – About Screen

It is funny to think that the same year Microsoft introduced Windows 10, Apple introduced the 11th version of Mac OS X, where X was supposed to stand for 10. I just installed it on my laptop, and it was one of the most boring updates I ever did – which is in my opinion a very good thing: I barely noticed that the system was changed, my application seem to still run the same.

Mac OS X El Capitan – Localisation

The few interface tweaks are nice additions, mostly features ported back from iOS – in particular for e-mail. I liked the new internationalization options, they finally let me set up the computer with the options I want, even if they are a bit crazy.

There are many small tweaks, I love the way terminal now displays password prompts for sudo, I have to play around with a new OSC escape sequence introduced in terminal. It lets (I think) the shell communicate the current working directory to the terminal, so new tabs are opened in the same directory.

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  1. I know, but do you really think we will see Mac OS XI? The kernel alone went from version 0.1 to 15…

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