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DC62 LED Display USB Power Charger Data Transmit Current Voltage Tester and Apple A1205 Power Supply

One comment I got about my previous blog post about USB power supplies is that it depends on the manufacturer of the power-supply, that Apple supplies would work better with Apple devices. This makes sense, so I did another quick run of tests. The set of power supplies I tested is a bit smaller, mostly because I stored some of them into boxes which are now in the attic.

I connected my iPhone 5 using a lighting cable to the power meter and the various supplies. The results are interesting: basically all the power supplies I tested output more power when connected to the iPhone, the only exception is the Mac Book Pro and that was expected. The iPhone seems to more aggressively draw power regardless of the manufacturer of the power supply. I really need to try with another Android device…

Power Supply Volts Ampères Watts
Apple A1400 5.07 0.93 4.72
Apple A1205 5.04 0.87 4.38
Apple Mac Book Pro (laptop) 5.07 0.52 2.64
Asus PSM06A 5.09 0.87 4.41
HTC TC-E250 5.00 0.8 4.00
Jet AC Adapter 4.92 0.83 4.08
Kensington Absolute Power 4.2 4.99 0.89 4.44
LG MCS-02ER 4.95 0.51 2.52
Steffen Swing Steko 5.07 0.89 4.51

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