Pompous Particularism vs. Pompous Universalism

There is an interesting article on the neomarxisme blog, that contrasts the way people from the USA see the world and the way the Japanese see it.

I must say that, to a limited extent, my own observations echo what is said in the linked post: american tend to think their world is universal, why japanese tend to think theirs is unique.

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One thought on “Pompous Particularism vs. Pompous Universalism

  1. Those interested in history can also check to see how Japan made their own industrial revolution, pretty much without anybody’s help, in the late nineteenth century.

    I can personally recommend Eric Hobsbawm’s “Long Nineteenth Century” book series (The Age of Revolution, The Age of Capital and The Age of Empire) as a top-notch global primer on that era.

    It certainly goes a long way in explaining our own late-twentieth, early-twenty-first century.

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