Primary Keys (7) those pesky units

All countries 70 cl 40% vol. 
USA - Canada 750 mL 40% Alc./Vol
UPC: 752183585835
EAN: 3278480629302

Localisation is hard, in particular in domains where there are legal requirements, so you end up with labels that claim that the same bottle has different physical volumes depending on the country.

The packaging suffer from the same schizophrenia about product codes, as it has two GTINs, one UPC, 752183585835 registered with American Wine Distributors Pier 23 The Embarcadero Suite 201 CA-94111 San Francisco USA and one EAN 3278480629302 registered with Godet Frères SAS 34 Quai Louis Durant, BP 70041 17003 La Rochelle CEDEX 1 France.

As this is a bottle of French Cognac, it seems the product was first assigned an EAN, and when the product needed to be sold in the US, a UPC was added to work with old systems in the US and Canada. I wonder if cash registers in Europe have two entries in their databases, one with the EAN, and one with the UPC, as European scanners will recognise UPCs.

Back of package with two GTINs CC-BY-SA, attribution Isabelle Hurbain-Palatin

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