Alpha Centauri in Windowed Mode (2)

WINE registry Editor

I a previous post I explained how to run the Alpha Centauri game from Good Old Games in windowed mode. This works fine when I played directly on the laptop, but when I connected an external multi-sync screen, the game would still try to the set the game’s resolution and the display would be a mess.

The solution? Tell Wine to disable the XRandR extension. To do this, open the Wineskin app within the Alpha Centauri package, and launch it. The click advanced and, tools and select Registry Editor, there find the X11 namespace under wine and add the key UseXRandR with value N. You can find the list of registry keys and values on the Useful Registry Keys page from the wine wiki.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. It’s so nice to play it in the windowed mode. I just bought the game on GOG. I know the post is five years old but the new Wineskin doesn’t require changing the Registry anymore. I am able to play it on an external monitor with no problems.

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