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While I played a lot of tabletop RPG, I’ve never really been a fan of computer RPGs, I does not mean I do not enjoy playing them once in a while, I really like Dungeon Siege II, and Torchlight, but I generally prefer strategy games. Pixel Dungeon was the first 2D RPG I really enjoyed, as the name indicates, the game artwork is reminiscent of 8 bit games.

The game’s goal is pretty standard, get to the lowest level of the dungeon and get the amulet of Endor. Every few levels, there is a boss to slay, you pick up spells, potions, weapon and armour along the way. Most of the time, you don’t know the effects of any item, so you must either discover it by trial and error, or use an identification spell. Some items are cursed, some potions are toxic, or flammable. Food plays an important role as you typically need to find a food item per level to survive.

Where I found the game very interesting is the handling of the physics: toxic gases diffuse, fire spreads, and the interactions between spells and the environment is complex: a flaming dart can put the whole level on fire, destroying spell scrolls, doors, and cooking meat, and potentially kill you. Lighting spells work better in water, but also affects you when you are too close to the target. This is a game that encourages you to think about the effects of your magical items.

Pixel dungeon is an Android app that you can find on the play store, it is free, but you can donate to the author (I did).

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