What if?

A tyrannosaur lift down into an Sarlacc pit

I’m a regular reader of the and sometimes read the which answer more or less absurd questions with physical explanations. The book what if, from that section.

While the question asked are often whimsical, for instance: what happens if everybody points their laser beam to the moon, the question are hard science, and very often hard-core, people must be warned: the book contains a large amount of things dissolving into high energy plasma.

What If?

Mariner Books
ISBN : 978-0-544-45686-0

I found Munroe’s writing style very pleasant to read, and the amount of technical jargon stays very reasonable, I read this book while being sick and still had no problem understanding. There are, of course many illustrations by the author that help explain the problem, or they are just funny. While the book is thick, it is far from long (~300 pages).

In conclusion, a funny book I recommend to everybody.

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