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Lego Movie Poster – Hemmet running away from an explosion

I went to see the Lego movie, the reviews were good, and as a geek I always had some fondness for Lego bricks. This was my second 3D movie, and of course I forgot to take the glasses I had, so now I have more of them cluttering my flat.

The plot is pretty standard: completely non-interesting main character has to save the universe and in the process discovers his inner qualities, but the movie manages to treat it interestingly, giving some depth to the various secondary characters and making fun of many franchises in the process (Batman in particular) and a light take on the theme of creative chaos versus order, which, if you think about it is nature of Lego bricks as opposed to other toys.

I really appreciated the fact that the movie understands Lego both as a toy and as an historic phenomenon, the tension between the assembly according to the instruction and free-form creation, the structure and style of bricks depending on the years. Unsurprisingly I found myself rooting for the 80s spaceman with his broken helmet (they really always broke) and the faded logo. My only regret was that there did not seem any traces of pre-80’s bricks. I somehow would have like seing pre-technics gears; oh well…

The 3D felt more natural that in the Thor movie, as everything changes and moves in all directions and the soundtrack was catchy. All in all it was an entertaining movie that I recommend if you want to have a fun moment.

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  1. Me too, I always forget my 3D glasses. I think there is some sort of spell. Now I have like 5 pairs of them.

  2. Fully agree (instruction vs. free-form, the 80s spaceman…).
    It’s even better when you see it with your 10 years old son :-)

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