Mi’kmaq Hieroglyph Prayer Book

The WordPress 3.9 update broke by blog, it took me some time to find the culprit: the qtranslate plugin. It was causing all sort of minor problems in the past, so I decided to just turn it off. I started using it at a time when I was using way more different languages in this blog, and I never managed to find a satisfying way to use it.

The underlying problem still remains: I write in this blog in multiple languages, something the Web in general and WordPress in particular have trouble coping with, simply trying to solve it in an add-on simply does not work. Internationalisation, like security and reliability are not something you can add as an afterthought.


p class=”license”>Mi’kmaq Hieroglyph Prayer Book by Dennis Jarvis Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

2 thoughts on “Localisation…”

  1. I first want to see if I’m really using that plugin, if I feel the need again, I can always re-install it.
    Except for titles, the behaviour when it absent is fine. Plus the date on this blog are now fixed.

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