Wabi-sabi electronics

wabi sabi electronics

There used to be a supermarket at the nearby tram station. Besides the obvious groceries, that place would also send random stuff, discounted wares of unclear origin. One day they sold a weird set of LED lamps, three soft eggs that could run off their own batteries, rotating between colours. The would recharge on a triangular support. Clearly this was cheap electronics, the switches to turn them on and off were hard, and the electronic controlling the colour shift was pretty imprecise, each egg would change colours at a slightly different rhythm. I bought them on a whim, as a prop for the end of year LARP we did that year.

While I liked these eggs, I would not turn them on so often. The soft shells have slowly turned yellow, somehow fitting it better in a room floored with tatami mats. During the last cleaning, one of the eggs fell off and the switch broke, it is always on, and rotates between colours until the battery dies. The charging board, like most of electronics in my living room, is slaved to the TV, so it only recharges when the TV is on. So I now have a ghost lamp that slowly dies after I turned on the TV.

侘寂 (Wabi-sabi) electronics…

Today’s Kanji:
Kanji Kun ON Signification Henshall
わび (wabi) (TA) Subdued taste, proud, lonely
さび (sabi) ジャク (JAKU), セキ (SEKI) Patina, antique look, loneliness, mellow 1345

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