Chaos and Algorithms

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This blog is probably read most by algorithms, systems that try to find security weaknesses or scrapes that attempt to make sense of this blog. Alas they cannot read the sub-title, probablement n’importe quoi, so they attempt in vain at finding what is simply not here: structure and order.

So spambots try to push japanese comments selling Gucci wares on the French posts and compliment me on the technical interests of my aikidō posts. The latest confused bot sent me an e-mail requesting that I add my nostalgic post about the presentation page I did ages ago for the computer science student association at the university of Geneva:

I came across your site, and I wanted to share our specially curated Engineering and Computer Science ☓☓☓ page that I thought may be of interest to you and I believe that these types of information is very valuable to the readers of your site.

Feel free to view it here: ☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓☓

I’d be honored if you would add the link on your website as a useful and credible source of free online courses for your visitors to refer to. I would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have.

I must say I pity that bot, begging for links from a confidential blog like mine; the five readers of that blog post are beyond the reach on online computer science degrees, they had their degrees before the online variant existed…

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