Apple is celebrating the 5th anniversary of the app store by giving away so pretty nice games, among them, Badland. Badland is simply game that has been beautifully realised. There is a single control, press the screen and a strange black creature flaps its wings and flies. The goal of the game is as simple: traverse some intricate level of vegetation and machinery. The forest is full of fruit-like things that change the creature, increasing or decreasing its size, cloning it, making it faster or sticky.

Frogmind Games
iOS Game available on the Apple App Store

The game is fun, but the atmosphere of the game is also a strong point: the elements of the game, the forest, the machines, and the traps are pitch black, so is your creature, the background is a dark and deep forest, with the appropriate noises. The app is devoid of any distractions, no ads, no premium coins, no score, just the forest and the creature trying to fly through.

In conclusion a very good game, that I really recommend, specially now that it’s free.

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