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Swisscom Outage

This morning I woke-up and realised that my internet connection seemed to be dead, so I went over the usual routine: reseting the router a few times, and ended-up doing a factory reset, the router being convinced that my printer was called “-j LOGDROP”, which cannot be right. Still no internet, so I tried calling the help-desk, where, of course, all operators were busy and the system told me they could not help me. More looking around, the router has working DSL line, but no internet address is assigned to it. Weird.log_drop -j One more call, I must go deeper in the labyrinth of voice-menus, and finally an announcement that all the ip networking is borked, so I use my mobile phone to go and check on the Swisscom customer centre, where there is a thin line telling that all IP and TV services on landline are disrupted, and that I’m advised to not changed my internet settings… Ah, well, by the time I wrote this the network was restored, and my twiddling did not prevent that, time for a cup of tea…

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