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One RSS feed I have subscribed to is boing-boing. This feed contains various funny or interesting news from the internet. I have just read the post about a movie called homecoming about zombies and US politics. The problem is, when I wanted to check out the actual article on the web, I got this nice message:

Access Restricted to the United States

So you are going to do a political movie but censor its presentation outside of the country? Interesting position. I can’t help but feel that people from the US are alway blathering about censorship in other countries, but if their corporations are doing the censorship, it must be OK. I suppose there are some semi-intelligent reasons to do this: things like corporate policy, market segmentation and exclusivity deal coming out. One thing is sure, I will not watch this movie.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful international internet

  1. yup, sure sucks… got blocked even from good old England…

  2. I had the same thing happen. It’s completely ridiculous. I wonder what Cory Doctrow and the rest of the gang at Boing Boing would think about it?

    Is this is taste of web based DRM?

    BTW – in a similar way to the Sony Rootkit issue, I WOUldn’t necessarily publish the artists because their publisher got out of hand. I’m still interested in the film ad will look in other places for the reviews, etc.

    Still their is a certain irony to Showtime ‘protecting’ an anti-administration film from foriegn viewing. ;-)

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