C++ level

I realised something amusing about the C++ language. When I ask to people around me to estimate their level in C++ language, on a 1-10 scale, people who know how to code in this language will usually give themselves a 7. The thing is, I don’t think their level is the same, put their mindset regarding the language is the same: they can use it to code, but there is still a lot of stuff that they don’t fully understand.

I think this is a very good mindset, because it is one that acknowledges complexity, and the fact that one always learns. A path where there are few self claimed gods and the journey is more important than the goal.

One thought on “C++ level

  1. If you were to ask me 5 to 10 years ago what my C++ level would be, I too would say 7. But, today, I’d have to rate myself at only a 5. I just haven’t been keeping up in that field.

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