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Oracle has finally released the version 7 of the Java Runtime Environment for OS X in the same way than the other platforms. This marks the end of a long story: Sun never properly supported Java on the Macintosh – I remember using the version bundled by Metrowerks to work on my Diploma. With OS X, Apple took over the maintenance and integration, and it has recently decided to step down and pass over that responsibility to Oracle.

I don’t think this change will have any serious impact, Java on client machines was dying, and Oracle’s antics have certainly not improved the situation. As far as I know, I only have only run two Java application in the last six months, a configuration utility for my printer, and the software for my tax declaration. I have run more tcl-tk applications in the same period.

I really like the Applet idea, and Java is certainly a way better language than Javascript, alas Sun never really understood client software or UIs, and this showed in the GUI apis, none of them were really nice or efficient. Even on my current laptop, Java feels sluggish.

During my PhD I wrote some applets (besides the Java Quickdraw library), like the one in the side of this text. I’ll add them to this blog when I have time.

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  1. I will not comment on “Java is certainly a way better language than Javascript”. Let’s agree to disagree on that point, especially on “certainly”. :)

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