Google Serve 2012

Matthias in front of the plush toy shelf

Each year, I have the opportunity to donate one work day to some good cause. Last year I went to speak in a high-school, the previous, I did a Hike with asylum seekers. This year, I went to help in a Red Cross second-hand shop in Bern.

The shop gets donations of various stuff, mostly second hand clothes, books, and toys, and sells them. I think this year’s plan was the one I like the most – the work was diverse: sorting donated wares, talking with customers, folding bought clothes, setting up new wares for sale. I was the only person helping the young lady that handles the shop, which was a nice change, usually there is always a bunch of googlers for those projects, this time I was really able to forget about work. Also because I was the only helper, I had much more the impression of making a difference.

In short, a really good experience, which I would gladly repeat next year.

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