Stuff I have added into the bread-making machine


I have now owner bread-making machines for more than five years, during that time interval, I have tried adding various things to the basic water + flour mix, mostly leftovers. Surprisingly most of the things work out fine. I’m omitting here the classics: raisins, nuts, etc.

Buckwheat flour
This flour won’t rise, but you can add a little bit and the taste is noticeable
Grilled flour
You get grilled flour when you prepare bread using the bread making machine, but forget to add water (happened to me more than once), that flour is basically dead and won’t rise. You can add a little bit of it without any ill effect.
White rice, cooked
Nearly unnoticeable, I suspect it sweetens the bread a bit and makes it more fluffy.
Adds some liquid, not very noticeable if the beer is not strong-tasted.
Silken tofu
Effect is slightly similar to adding some butter.
Ōlong tea
Added some leftover Ruxiang to see if the buttery taste would be noticable, it was not.
Eggs (raw)
Makes the bread very crunchy, not really a good idea in my opinion.
Kiwi (fruits)
Made the bread very bitter, bad idea.

What interesting things have you added to your dough?

2 thoughts on “Stuff I have added into the bread-making machine

  1. Saffron with spelt flour was a test that worked out nicely. If the spice itself is not so unusual (considering some sweeter version like cuchole) interesting add on might be olive… then again olive bread, not so original… but with a yellow twist.
    Has anyone ever tried onion bread?

  2. Flaxseed, it’s given a light taste of nuts, but too, just a little.

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