Captain Future

Cover of an original Captain Future, showing Joan chained to a rocket.

When I was a kid, one of my favorite TV-shows was the japanese animation of Captain Future (キャプテン (Kyaputen)フューチャー (Fyūchā)), it was dubbed in French, and named . Little did I know that the character was way older, having been created in 1939 by Edmond Hamilton. Clearly I am not the only one remembering, as someone went to great lengths to create a quite good looking trailer for a fake movie.

Still with the emergence of the Steampunk genre, it would make much more sense to do a Steampunk themed movie of Captain Future: if you look at the years, those stories are closer to the victorian period than to today. The character was created 39 years after queen Victoria’s death, 73 years ago. The stories and the technology would, in my opinion, make way more sense in a victorian uchronia.

2 thoughts on “Captain Future”

  1. I dunno, how does it compare, story-wise to pre-WWII epic à la Brigade chimérique, for example? Or to Doc Smith’ Lensmen series , which also had been created in the 1930s?

    In my opinion, WWII is really a major divider as to how sci-fi stories were written. Befopre that, there may not be that many differences between pulp stories of the 1930s and Victorian novels.

  2. Story from the 40’s, animation from the 70’s: seriously the anime did not age very well. I’ve seen it again a few years ago, the whole series, only for nostalgia. My son did not like it. Albator 84 is much better :-)

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