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Those days I have been playing around with semantic tags an annotations on my blog. One interesting thing is the ability to associate my blog’s content with myself. What is the point? I write this blog in my own name, but there are multiple Matthias Wiesmann (or should I say Wiesmänner) on the web, and they do quite different things, like biological food, or get married to girls called Nadine or manage Hostels in Vietnam. Those tags associate my Google+ identity to the my blog, and things are show accordingly on the web:

Thias の blog » Blog Archive » Unison on Synology DS211

I doubt my online reputation is sufficient to influence the behaviour of people searching the internet, beyond my circle of friends, but I find the idea interesting nonetheless.
I suspect that if you have a more important reputation in a given domain, making that association explicit can help people who trust you find your content.

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  1. Yeah, I too am a “fan” of this new feature.
    And I don’t think you need to have a “big” online reputation for the issue to be useful.
    You already mentioned the homonyms issue and the trust factor, but also and simply, I think that it makes your site more “personal” and helps increase your online reputation and ultimately your site reputation.
    And I’m not even talking about using it with “Google search plus your world” because Google won’t let me test it more than a few minutes a week right now.

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