Light coding

I was kind of sick this week-end, so I ended up sleeping a lot, doing various minor chores and some light coding and general fiddling in my blog. I have added some breadcrumb micro data, and generally played around with the Rich Snippet Tool from Google, we will see how various search engine will pick up the meta-data I added to this blog.

I have tagged a few reviews that seem to be understood by the tools, I don’t know if they are relevant enough to appear on web results, but there is a certain irony in having meta-data tags fall from grace a few years ago and seem them become more prevalent. Having a pure XML stream and generate the content HTML from it would be cleaner, but in practice having a single place with the data ensures the data stays in sync, plus everybody hates XML.

I also registered this blog with the bing webmaster tools, which offered me 50$ worth of advertising, if only I lived in the US… Finally I made a new version of the emoji-clock, this one handles half hours.

var date = new Date();
var halfhour = (date.getHours() * 2 + Math.round(date.getMinutes() / 30));
var offset = ((halfhour / 2) + 11) % 12
if (halfhour % 2 == 0) {
  var emo = 0x1F550 + offset;
} else {
  var emo = 0x1F55C + offset;
var h = high_surrogate(emo);
var l = low_surrogate(emo);
clock = String.fromCharCode(h) + String.fromCharCode(l);
document.getElementById("emoclock").textContent = clock;

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