Cyber sausage

Cyber Sausage

One part of Tōkyō I often visit is Akihabara, the electric district. This is the place where you can find inter­esting electronic gadgets and new tech­nologies that are difficult to come by in Europe or even California. One thing I bought this time is the red dongle you can see on my iPhone on the photo. Can you guess what this is?

It is basically a stylus for touch screens, but I prefer to think about it as a cyber­netic sausage. You don’t need a stylus to use the touch screen on the iPhone and similar smart­phones, but the sensor does not work if you are wearing gloves. This resulted in a huge sale increase of a certain kind of sausages in Korea, they could be used as a replacement for the finger. Of course having a sausage in your pocket to use on your mobile phone is not very elegant, hence the cybernetic replacement (available in five fashionable colours).

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