Blog Traffic – November 2011

Blog Traffic – November 2011

Following the impulse of Alias and Roboduck, I have opened a flattr account and added a button to this blog. I wanted a way to reward nice sites I visit, seeing how much rewards I would get was more an act of curiosity. After more than a month, I have observed two things. First I did not reward that many sites, the reason seems to be I mostly visit sites that have no flattr account, so I started trying flattering people on twitter, we will see how this works out.

On the other side of the equation, I don’t see any connection between traffic and articles that get flattered. This month, I added a hint on Mac OS X hints that refers my blog post entry on using the Nextstep era icon mechanism for commercial e-mail, which generated a lot of traffic: 42% of all traffic for this month, in two days, this gives quite a peak. It got two flattrs.

Other technical entries, building shairport for the Mac, using emoji characters to distinguish shell windows, installing unison on a NAS, and my entries on the Ex Word Data pocket translator represent the majority of the traffic on this blog, none of them got any flattrs.

Most of the entries that got flattered are in French, one about swiss beers, one about a book, the other on a rant on data portability. Maybe those entries are more engaging as I’m writing in my dominant language, maybe geeks are simply cheap, it is difficult for me to see any pattern that makes sense, we will see where this goes…

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  1. I suspect that Flattr is still fairly unknown and that not so many people use it for you to see any correlation between visits and flattrs.

  2. I don’t know how much traffic you have but I have the feeling that in order to have meaningful stats on this service you need to have quite big traffic numbers. Also, as Alias says, Flattr is not really known nor used by many people.

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