Aikidō Fragmentation

While I have been doing Aikidō for around ten years, this has not been a continuous process, I practiced in some place, stopped, moved elsewhere and started again. To make things even more confusing, nearly each dōjo I practiced was in a different organisation, consider:

I won’t pretend I have fully understood the maze of federation and affiliations (this
page details the various aikidō federations that exist in Switzerland), my explanations are probably incorrect in many ways… There is a certain irony to such fragmentation when the first character in aikidō (合) basically means to join, to fit

3 thoughts on “Aikidō Fragmentation

  1. The practical impact for me is that each organisation organises separate seminars and often do not mention activities of others. Given my low level it is difficult to really see the difference of style of the different schools (as opposed to the style differences between teachers). There is a whole wikipedia page about different styles:

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