Given its random content, this blog does not drive a lot of traffic, which makes sense, as there is no particular subject to drive people here. Every year I see a surge of traffic at the time of the street parade, it seems my entries on the subject, while being very superficial, are still deemed relevant by the search engines. Still this is nothing compared to the traffic I get a link to a relevant entry into a high-traffic web site like Mac OS X hints:

Hits statistics

The left bump is the traffic generated by the street parade, the right peek is due to the link to my blog in the Mac OS X hints entry, where I got nearly 700 hits in one day (which is around ten times what I get usually).

3 thoughts on “Hits

  1. Y a des trucs comme ça… Tu prends le bon mot clé le bon jour par hasard, ou tu passes sur un forum fréquenté, et boum, le succès… temporaire, et à reconstruire le lendemain.

    Sinon tu les fais avec quoi tes stats ?

  2. J’utilise Google analytics, il y a un bon plugin pour wordpress donc l’utilisation est triviale.

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