Daytime Moon

Daytime moon through clouds ⓒ BobMacInnes – Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Getting older, you learn the world is not like in children’s books, some differences between fables and reality are obvious: there is a clear deficit in dragons. While many other differences fall into the reality is complicated category, sometimes the books just seem to miss some of the magic of reality.

I find this sad, because this shows that whoever wrote the child’s book was not looking at reality with the right eye – the same people who draw the rainbows backward. One typical example of this is that the moon only shows at night in children’s book, all our imagery associates the moon with the night. This is strange to me because the moon does not seem to be bothered by such rules…

4 thoughts on “Daytime Moon

  1. yes ; ) I will ask you to talk to my child so that he does never get tricked by children’s books

  2. C’est comme les étoiles : qui les regarde encore de nos jours, dans nos métropoles lumineusement polluées ? Nous savons intellectuellement qu’elles existent, mais combien de gamins les regardent encore dans des conditions correctes ? Un peu du merveilleux et du sens de l’infini qui s’en va. Il n’y a pas d’étoiles sur Internet…

    • C’est pour ça que je ne vis pas dans une métropole, on voit encore les étoiles de chez moi, et le maire veut nommer Cassiopée la passerelle au bord du lac de mon quartier qui s’appelle Wollishofen…

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