The Kanji of Aikidō Ⅱ:Les Kanji de l’Aikidō Ⅱ : Tori

Le Kanji d’aujourd’hui :Today’s Kanji:
Kanji Kun ON Signification Note Henshal
Take pick-up, harvest, choosePrendre, cueillir, choisis 取り tori is the person who does the aikidō technique on ukemi. The kanji is composed of ear 耳 and again 又 which originally meant hand.
Le 取り tori est la personne qui pratique la technique sur l’ukemi. Le kanji est composé de l’oreille 耳 et encore 又 qui signifiait à l’origine main.

2 thoughts on “The Kanji of Aikidō Ⅱ:Les Kanji de l’Aikidō Ⅱ : Tori”

  1. Torimasu? Hey, isn’t this the same kanji you would use when saying “taking a picture”?
    It’s interesting to see how this kanji relates to Aikido; I presume you practice it?
    Thanks for sharing! :D

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