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The blog's new skin

Regular readers to this blog will have noticed that I have been testing a new skin for this blog for a few days. Given the generally positive reactions I got, and the fact I have fixed most of the main bugs, I’m going to keep it. Between the new skin and the new version of WordPress, there quite a few new features:

Different authors are now supported properly, so I suppressed the categories representing authors – the number of posts written by other people is not important.
Tags are now supported by the core WordPress engine. I had some tags in the previous version, but the support was very flaky. Now I even have a tag cloud. Alas, tags from old posts go lost in the upgrade, not that they were consistent.

Gravatars now show up in the discussion pages.
This is not visible yet, but there is now an API to add geocodes to the posts. I still have to find a plugin that exports this is in a nice way.

The layout of this blog uses a few Safari specific extensions for cosmetical differences, typically shadows, and turning this blog’s title a bit to be aligned with the label sheet below. The shadow extensions should be available for Firefox 3.1, I’ll update the CSS once this version comes out.

3 thoughts on “New skin

  1. C’est vrai que les catégories sont massivement massives.

    Mais bon, c’est joli quand même.

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