A pink church in a yellow field with a blue sky in the background.

Street Parade and Bodensee

A pink church in a yellow field with a blue sky in the background.

This year, I did not go to the Street-parade. Péter had suggested we do a bike tour of the north part of the Bodensee, which, given the weather, I gladly accepted. The weather was gorgeous and it is a very beautiful region. While we though we would escape the bustle from the Street-Parade, we did not know there would also be the Seenachtfest in Konstanz. Compared to the 950’000 visitors of the street-parade, 60’000 does not seem like a lot, still Konstanz was pretty busy when we returned there to take the train.

One interesting thing about the street-parade is the amount of traffic it generates on my blog. I wrote a blog entry about it in 2007, and year after year it still gets a lot of traffic around the time of the party. See the graph below for this year’s spike:

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Street Parade 2011


This summer’s weather has been quite disappointing, it has been raining to the point I was reminded of the rainy season in Japan. Because of this, there were fears that the street parade would get doused, like it was in the two previous years, but in the end, the weather was fine. There were also fears that people from neighbouring countries would not come to the parade because of the strong swiss franc, but in the end 900’000 people came to the street parade, a quarter of a million more than last year.

The party was nice, and felt somehow more relaxed than the previous years, in fact my first impression was that were about the same amount of people that in 2010, and in a way better mood. I also had the feeling that the costumes and the floats were less extreme this year, for instance the pirate boat last year was built fully out of wood, this year it was just a painted tarp, but maybe I’m becoming a bit jaded.

This year we had friends from Geneva who came over for the parade (among other things), it was nice to have guests, some of which were quite surprised by the amount of chaos this number of people creates, and quite amused by the idea that by Sunday morning, everything would be cleaned.

The laser show on the stage handled by Carl Cox was nice, but I’m not that much a fan of Carl Cox. I certainly miss the smaller stages, were you can actually see the screen and what the VJ is doing. This year, one of the VJs pattern involved rotating html code in stream. On one hand this shows to what extent code is now integrated in society, on the other it was html. Somehow it is strange to see that the VJ’s work is still quite low tech in regards of the what can 3D graphics can do…

The other thing that struck me was the sheer amount of smart-phones in the crowd, if you think about it, thousand people with each an iPhone 4 represent on terahertz of raw computing power. The mere fact I thought of this in the presence of seriously underclad ladies show how much of a geek I am. A huge amount of picture were taken, and, like mine, ended up being quite bad. Having a way to combine them into one high quality data stream of the event would be very nice…

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Street Parade 2010

The media presence at the this year was quite strong, after all the attention of the accident at the love parade, but there was not major accident, one guy fell of a love mobile, and a two other got into a fight. Compared to the size of the event (650’000 people this year), things went quite smoothly. On the other hand, the gods of weather did not, this year again, smile on the parade. Somewhere after the 10th love mobile drove by bellevue, the clouds stopped being threatening, and it rained.

Energy 2010 Logo

Besides the weather, you could feel that the city tried to constrain the party to the parade’s path: there was no scene inside the railway station, and all activity stopped at midnight. This year, I went to one after: Energy at Hallenstadion. This is a huge party that takes place inside a large hall designed by Bruno Giacometti. This year, there were around 10’000 people at the party. We arrived just in time for Tiësto, sadly we missed David Guetta. Two things struck me, first 8 bit sounds are definitely fashionable, second, the demo-scene had a visible influence on the VJ work. Some of VJ elements reminded me of the Mylène Farmer concert I went some time ago. In fact, Tiësto played one track of her. The party was nice, but I think going to the parade and then to an after is just beyond my energy levels after a week of work.

Gallery of (bad) iPhone pictures of the parade.

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Street parade 2009Street parade 2009スツリートパーラーデ 2009

Street Parade 2009

La street parade est proba­blement l’événement annuel le plus important de Zürich. Les gens affluent par centaine de milliers pour danser le long des chars qui forment la parade. Cette année, la météo n’aura pas été clémente, il a plus à verses durant la majeure partie de l’après-midi, et je ne suis descendu en ville que vers sept heures, alors que la parade commençait officiellement à one heure. Malgré la pluie il y avait beaucoup de gens : femmes juchées sur leur plus hauts talons et hommes déguisés. Si les vêtements étaient souvent un peu boueux, les gens s’en sont bien accommodés. Une des participantes s’était improvisé un éventail géant pour danser avec un parapluie brisé. J’ai rejoint la parade près de l’opéra et j’ai suivi un char de trance jusqu’à la place Bürkli ou se trouvait une des scènes placées sur le thème des flammes (comme la campagne de publicité du sponsor), on a donc eu droit à des danseurs jonglant avec des petits braseros ou faisant du hula-hop avec des cerceaux de flammes. Le DJ et le VJ étaient à mon avis très bons. En résumé une soirée très sympa, j’attends l’année prochaine avec impatience…

The street parade is probably the most important yearly event of Zürich. People come by hundreds of thousands to dance along the float that build up the parade. This year, the weather was not friendly: rain was pouring most of the afternoon. I only went downtown around seven, while the parade officially started at one. Despite the weather, there were was a crowd, women in their highest heels and disguised men. If clothes were often a bit muddy, people made do. One of the women was using a broken umbrella as a large dancing fan. I joined the parade close to the opera, and followed a trance float until the Bürkli square where there was one stage, build on fire thema (like the add campaign of the sponsor). So we had dancers juggling with small braseros and doing hula-hoop with fire rings. Both the DJ and VJ were quite good, so this was really a good evening, I’m looking forward for next year.


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Zürich Street Parade 2007

Street Parade 2007, Air View

土曜日はチューリッヒでストリートパラードでした。これは大きなテクノ音楽の待つです。長いトラックでフロート車町を通り抜けます。 とても賑やかです今年は80万人来ました。

Saturday, there was the Street Parade in Zürich. This is a large techno music festival. Large floats build from long trucks go thru the city. It was very lively, this year, 800’000 people came.

Samedi, c’était la Street Parade à Zürich. C’est une grand festival de musique techno. De long char construit sur des semi-remorques traversent la ville. C’était très animé, cette année, il y avait 800’000 participants.

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