xkbgrowl – memory management

Growl notification displaying “xkbgrowl works!”

I have created a new release for xkbgrowl, the main visible difference is that the tool should now use the XQuartz icon as default icon, instead of the generally missing X11 app icon. Less visible is the change I did to the code related to memory management. The original code was using C style strings and memory pools and doing manual reference management on the objective-C side. I rewrote the code to use std::string as much as possible, and it is compiled using ARC. As a result, the code is simpler, and the only manual memory management is related to X11 structures. Finally, instead of a simple zip archive, I built an installer package, which should, hopefully, put all files in the right places. The package is available from github.

The change I would like to do, if I have the time, is to rewrite the image conversion logic, currently the tools emits a xbm file on one side, and reads it from the other, which involves a round-trip to the file-system, but also forces all the images into 1-bit depth.

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