In my neighbourhood, at the Rietberg Museum, there is a very nice japanese wood-print exposition.

À côté de chez moi, au musée Rietberg, il y a une très belle exposition d’estampes japonaises.

In der Nähe meines Haus, Im Museum Rietberg, gibt es eine sehr schöne Holzdruck Ausstellung.

The woord-carving exhibit is the collection of an european artist, Marino Lusy (1880-1954). Beside painting Lusy also did mountaineering and travelled. He gave his surimono collection to the Zürich Modern Art Museum, which transferred it to the Rietberg Museum. The collection includes prints by masters like Hokusai or Eisen. Surimono are prints that were created to decorate poems and sent out to close friends, contrary to usual wood carvings, those were not intended for wide distribution.
One thing that struck me is the complexity and number of carving used to do one print. In many cases, beside colored carvings, there was one carving to emboss a pattern and thus give some depth to the picture.

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  1. 私の家の近くの リエトベルグ美術館で 大変 素敵な 浮世絵(うきよえ)の展覧会があります。

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