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screen capture of the japan-style wordpress theme

I’m using the Japan Style theme on this blog. While this skin is very beautiful, it had in my opinion a few problems. So I customized it. I made the following changes:

  • Bullets are now displayed in content lists (num­bered or unnum­bered).
  • Lists of links (for instance the archives) are more compact.
  • Lists of links define their bullet as being an image properly (instead of a background image hack).
  • The blog’s title is rotated to be aligned with the background label (webkit browsers only).
  • Generated content in the blog’s title is black (I use this for the 「」around the title).
  • The heading list only displays the root pages (the theme can only display four elements).
  • The posts’s date now honor the blog’s data settings.
  • Removed the vertical bars in the post information.
  • Many text elements are now localization ready. The theme does not have its own localized strings and currently uses those of the base wordpress installation, this means that some elements already get translated if the proper mo files are installed.

You can download the customized version of the japan-style theme. Please let me know if you find any issue. Many thanks to the people at Good Design Web for providing this beautiful theme, which now has reached 14’000 downloads.

5 thoughts on “Better Japan Style

  1. I am currently using this theme on my wordpress blog. The design is really beautiful that after changing 4 times, i settled for this. However, there are 3 things I would like to change but I cant coz I dont know how.

    1. the font size – I want the font to be a little bigger.
    2. the spacing – how can I make the lines double-spaced just like here above on your post? It always come out as single spaced.
    3. How to make the text color real black, the text color are grayish in color

    I don’t know how to tweak on the theme coz I am a CSS and HTML dummy. I think you can help me coz you were able to make it a better theme. BTW I downloaded from the original website but I can’t understand their site coz its written in another language. I’ve been looking for some website that could help me with my problem then I found you. Please…? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. You will need to edit the file in wordpress/wp-content/themes/japan-style/style.css
    You can do this with the style editor.

    To change the font-size and the color of the main text:
    Find the part that looks like this:

    /* Body
    body {
    margin: 0 auto;
    font: 12px/18px Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, Geneva, sans-serif;
    color: #333;
    background: #DED5BA url(images/bg.jpg) no-repeat center top;

    And replace font the size (in pixels) with what you want, for getting black text, replace the color line with color: black;

    Double spacing text is a little bit more complicated as doing it for the whole document might ruin the whole layout.

  3. I’m using the japan-style theme with some changes I made on my own … I’m wondering why, as I put a new widget in the sidebar (through the WP admin panel), the original sidebar disappears and it is shown only the widget I have added! Can you help me?

  4. I am using japan-style theme. I love it by the way, it’s beautifull!
    I have made two pages show up at the top tabs.
    The main blog and our mission statement. This works when viewing with ie but does not show the mission page tab in firefox. Can you help me with this? It would be much appreciated!
    I did this by changing the header.php to display only the mission page in the line that dynamically displays pages as they are created.
    Again Much Appreciation!

  5. I been wondering why the sides of the page doesn’t show to me. The background the (bg.jpg) Any idea? Im using the latest version of wordpress.

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